Jealous Again
(Master P talking)
-haha Mr MR Rogers of the neighborhood
-should I say that n***a that's uuuuggghhhh bout it bout it
-I'm rowdy rowdy I'm rowdy n***a
-The mothaf**king Ice Cream Man in this b*t*h
-Master P in here with my girl Mia X
-We bout to lay down some sh*t once again for ya'll motherf**kers
-We bout to lay down some rules
-And we got these 2 little n***as that don't give a f**k about none of ya
-Ready to blast on ya b*t*hes
-With this gangsta sh*t
-watch your back n***a, my little n***as Kane & Abel
-some of ya'll know them as double vision
-but ya better realize once again its on
-TRU n***as in this b*t*h, we ain't taking no sh*t for the 9 scrilla
-Its all about smoking blunts, blowing on that swishy sweet
-Notice I said swishy sweet n***a
-When I do these f**king 187's, murder
-Down south in the mothaf**king swamp, we down there hustling b*t*h
-Rolling on triple gold
-But n***as don't give a f**k about none of ya n***as
-That ain't real, that ain't true to the motherf**king gizzame
-But ya n***as that's bout it bout it and all ya real n***as out there
-Ya'll gone feel this sh*t cause it don't get no realer than this
-Once again its on n***a

(Kane & Abel)

Introducing the mafioso of New Orleans Kane & Abel balling
My gangsta sh*t sell like Air Jordan
Ain't that a b*t*h, straight out the parrish whipping a** like Tyson
Gun fighting slanging ice and f**king hoes like Peabo Bryson
Latinos counting cinos I murder Al Pacino
What these b*t*hes boosting up shut them down like casinos
Getting murderous like the Menendez brothers
Dumb mothaf**kas banging these hoes without no rubbers
And busters hate me like some bump weed
Cause babies dropping out they old ladies looking like me
Sporting Tommy's and Polos weed blows out my nose
Never sweating in my good clothes behind these f**king hoes
Who run this Master P, KLC slanging birds
So stop stunting dog b*t*h calm your nerves
Born a crack baby grew up to be a g
Whip that a** like I had a badge from NOPD
Like a second line gangsta n***as with 9's follow me
MC approaches I bury those c*ckroaches
Buck buck I got you f**ked up like angel dust
In gacks we trust cause n***as bleed just like us


Its time to get the gack again
Cause pu**y a** n***as getting jealous again, again
Its time to get strapped again
Because them nappy head hoes getting jealous again, again
(Mia X)

I got that f**king regulator busting lyrical rhymes at all you playa haters
Fade ya made ya bow down to this slayer
Lady alligator still wetting up your earhole
With harmonizing gun blows still stomping out the NO
Hoes talk that sh*t but clear the way
Because they know I'm getting richer and bagging chips so call me Ms Fri-O-Lay
Mia X gots to flex and leave them hanging diamond rocks
?? be banging my name is reighning
I'm slanging this with No Limit
So you can talk that sh*t you raunchy b*t*h but just remember
Who finish, me running with these look alike n***as
The bad girl behind the trigger getting wreck its the 9 sister


Rolling 4 deep strapped in the black Montero
Shorting bright like Alfonso Ribiero but b*t*h I'm ghetto
Give me no heroin baby roll blunt after blunt
F**k around and roll a thousand swishes in one month
You buster a** n***as I ain't scared of death
Had a dream I got stressed and blew up your whole project
Ask Mia X got bookoo checks
I'm like them got to get them papers like them crackers in them skyscrapers
Hitting switches avoiding b*t*hes and them playa haters
And its time to get strapped again
Kane & Abel got the gack and we back again

Take away them chains and pain
What remains ?? the king keep a 9 in his grave
I seen so many soldiers I swore it was Beirut
Them gang signs salute, clack clack they shoot
The south coast you bleed if you wanna succeed
And I can have your f**king head in my lap for 10 g's
And you can ask the governor's name its n***a please
And even out in Cali Sam Sneed recognize me
Take it to the streets cause that's where I'm from
And n***as with gold teeth no I ain't the one
N***as give me what you got I ain't got a f**king thing
And back in 91 I jack b*t*hes for medallion earrings
So crappy headed nappy headed hoes get back
Cause its a 10 to 1 chance that you might get smacked