Hell Razah
Return of the Renaissance
[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yeah, Renaissance Child, Heaven Razah
Raziel, on Earth as it is in Heaven
Wings up, yo, let me see your heavenly swagger
Ya'll do it like this with me

[Verse 1: Hell Razah]
Renaissance '76, some say heavenly sent
My pitch got my enemies sick
Now I'm back independent as Prince, a young black industry pimp
That'll flip more money that's spent
More flows for your memory chip, when I empty a clip
I don't miss like a Kennedy hit
I'm Max Julien, a millionaire mind inside a hooligan
Got chicks that's Peruvian that slip toolies in
(Clubs and parties), the project Marcus Garvey
Turn the hood to the woods or a dark safari
Spit game that's older than the black Atari
Or I can upgrade quicker than a fast Ferrari
Still denim and Gore-Tex, but more or less I'm ready for war vets
No Rolex or homo sex, I wrote off debts
I slept with the Tec in my Polo vest
Go back like a Memorex tape ca**ette
But still I rep my project, back of the F
Red Hook got 'em shook up, gasping for breath
Haunt n***as on the third day after my death
Amazing grace, I ain't with the Bathing Apes
A&R's wanna hate, try to tell me to wait
Without a mixtape, don't make me spit in your face
Put this 40 to your head, make you dig in the safe
I'm the great Constantine, I carve the kings
I'm a Renaissance Child from my father's genes
Like Joseph interperting a Pharaoh's dream
Man, business affairs better have my CREAM
Now the white man plan is to have my queen
I seen bosses with Maybelline on
Got sick of hearing Brooknam need a good theme song
I'm reborn, I'm back now, getting my eat on
It's Heaven Razah so be gone

[Verse 2: R.A. the Rugged Man]
Yo, your physician got you worse than crackheads
Man with the plan get you needing them damn meds
The corporations controlling the airwaves
They on your brain you ain't nothing but their slaves
The feds reading your Twitters and your Facebooks
They be tapping your cells, tracking your smells
Put you back in your cells
On TV every politican flip flop
And it don't stop, amateur p*** sites, b*t*hes lick c*ck
Planned Parenthood, the basis, the sterilization
Of so-called genetically inferior races
Nazis using eugenics to kill black babies
Who better me and Heaven Razah take it back to the 80s
The boom-bip-bap and the bop of the rap, stolen cop car
Hop in the back, pop in a cap, they ain't locking the cat
Rocking a track, c*cking it back
Hip-hop from the doctor operating never dropping the wack
The White House digging through your e-mails
Entertainment industry run by homosexual shemales
The climate change is irrelevant
The global warming fearmongers trying to bring in the world government
Government poison is sown with chemicals
Humans beings being born with horns and tentacles
The program keeping you in your damn hood
Mentally raping you and taking your manhood
Lon Chaney, the Phantom, abandon your plan and examine the famine
Helping you preparing, I'm sharing awareness
I'm caring, I'm blam blamming the cannon like Yosemite Sam and
The Sunz of Man, and the Wu-Tang Clan, and the Rugged Man and
As a kid I wasn't interested in Transformers
Wanted to be like Rambo and shoot rocket launchers
Public relations, creations, rappers that are Freemasons
Kissing d**k for initiations, these are iffy situations