Hell Razah
Maccabee Freestyle
[Timbo King]
Yeah, you was there for me, when nobody cared for me
My black queen on my side, til death do us
Part of my life, since I left Lewis, everybody knew us
Played cops & robbers, crooked cops tried to rob us
Took you to see Shottas, cuz you love violence
So special, Saturday nights, watch Heckler and Koch
My finger tips on your clitoris, you sexy and hot
Ace in the hole, always have a place in my soul
I promise to take you everywhere, travel the globe
I have you to hold, even when you O.G. knew
I'm fascinated by the things you do
I'm fascinated by the things you do, yea
Aiyo, winter come it here, and they bring me off
I got that shotgun double barrel, ma, ain't nuthin' soft
I ain't scared to pull out, women strip when they see it
I pull my burner out, plus I c*ck it back
Yeah, you love my gun play, early morning Sunday
Before church, I burst gun powder, holla if you feel this steel
I murder pu**y, gun man, bust shells, now you know I wear gloves
Chicks love my nine, the big black heater
I get my mack on, attract divas in Adidas

[Killah Priest]
Been a, lotta talking, from my offsprings
Alot of coffins will be needed, treated
By doctors, asking who shot ya
It's the Priest, I reveal dark secrets
How you know that death is near?
When you feel that cold steel in ya chest
And the doctor yells "clear"
It's Priest, I'm the Ghetto Jesus
Get off ya feet and light your weed up
And, blow out my lyrical essence
There's no father to this style, it's the immaculate conception
Gats for a weapon, rap for a message to the hood n***as
That's real in the heart, for them knuckleheads still in the dark
I'm still in the park, rhyme like I'm still on the block
The way I rhyme, the way a gangsta lay down his nine
I'm in my prime, ya'll know it
It's Killah Priest, Michaelangelo
Leonardo DaVinci, pen squeeze out sculptures
Let me freestyle, soldiers, uh

[Hell Razah]
They don't know what they dealing with...
I'm the, best threat since man made computer
Used to roll phillies and listen to Grand Puba
International like Castro and Cuba
Da Last Future, international ruler
With Arabic AK's and black German lugers
We Jews from Israel, not Jacob the Jeweler, man
To the game I'm like Pancho Villa
It's beef til America, pay us skrillas
Robin Hood and my ghetto is Mexico
Only thing change is the place of the decimal
I write my name in lamb's blood, El Israel
My ghetto is hell and my cup me the waters of Miriam's well
Tell a snake how they move by his head or they tail
Maccabeez will prevail, rebel inside jails
The cops hating on our AK shells, farewell
Kiss the scepter of the young pharaoh
The scientists study my bone marrow
Where I'm known to travel, I'm from a family that built castles
It's melodic carpentry, so we build with ProTools
A project school, take these jewels how you digest food
The wolf drew and the sheep act fool
Breaking news, young black girl missing all they found was her shoes
I've been threat since fallopian tubes, now babies raised by a GameCube
And found out the planet, they rule
[Outro: Killah Priest]
These three words
In the heart...
Won't be war...
In the hood...
I can touch the stars, n***a
I can touch the stars...
Yeah, it's not jewel rap
We just keeping it real
Keeping it thorough
From the hood to the prison walls, behind the walls to find the corpse
It's all good, n***as