Hell Razah
Project Doorz
[Hell Razah]
Yo Solomon, my rap words form proverbs
Remain militant, most women wanna observe
We drink fine herbs, smell like frankincense and myrrh
Til my mind blur, I Mack like I'm Max Julien
Drop jewels, have crews have to tuck jewelry in
All For One like Brand Nubian, wisdom is better than rubies
You floss that attract groupies
While you fade away, I stay alive where the truth be
Keep it negro, my eyes low, as bottles of 'dro
After this sh*t, I'm leaving here in UFO's
Come on...

[Interlude: Hell Razah]
Like Elijah took off... and he left Elisha
To take off where he left off at
That's they way we moving nowadays
So you gotta be easy

[Timbo King]
Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal
Thou shall never sign a f**ked up record deal
Thou shall never conceal, the truth of Israel
Maccabeez be the Kings on the top of the hill
Observe this, record this, I walk with a cordless
Battle ya'll n***as, for your fortress
My forces, unknown to mankind
You walking on grimey grounds, landmines
Blow like ba** and freeze, Maccabeez
O.G.'s, late '80's, make ladies
Stomp through atmospheres with house slippers
Sunz wrath, guns blast, stop zippers
Bow and arrow flow, go and travel, straight angle
Rock off a Star Spangled, yeah
Bow and arrow flow, go and travel, straight angle
Rock off a Star Spangled, yeah

[Killah Priest]
Uh, eight heads around a pastor cup, my mom's uncle's lasting puff
The herb smoke, rocking them fur coats
Mack get tucked, chill Priest, you acting up
Daddy was cool, you can tell the way that he move
At night, we fell asleep, I would try on his shoes and plot
Two of his jewels, never let a woman kill me
Get yours and f**k the world, and live filthy
His afro remind me of Reggie Jackson
Look me in my eyes, could tell me I was ready back then
No smile, black child and he gave me a pound
Silent, get me when the revolution go down
Cuz I was born on this Earth as a revolutionary
White suit when I ball, if I'm buried
Worry, not for me, I'm living still
Past is my future, Priest, I've just written my will
Love is everything...