Hell Razah
Under the Vatican
[Hell Razah:]
It ain't all hood when n***as laid up in that Oakwood
When dope stopped selling, we was hoping that coke would
We voted for the Reagan's not thinking he Satan
In a suit with a toupee, a smile and a facelift
It's just law, we don't f**k with it, formers violate
Hope your pops got you life insurance
Next year, got to close me a Nike endorsement
You ain't hot, matter fact you got a wack performance
They betrayed me for taxes like Judas, Brutus and Ca**ius
You wanna walk through the future with your head on backwards
Nine stages of Hell when you enter the realm
Overwhelmed by anxiety watch the prophecy
I'm an odyssey to n***as who think they're hot as me
This is Razah's inferno, rest could be internal
And you could put that in your diaries and journals

[Hook: Hell Razah]
It's Razah, ya'll not f**king with Razah
It's Razah, ya'll not f**king with Razah
It's Razah, ya'll not f**king with Razah
It's Razah, ya'll not f**king with Razah

[Killah Priest:]
When I spit, it's hieroglyphs on the CD disc
Papyrus this so silence missed that God's pierced wrist
It's like King Tut once my ink touch
Studios clouded 'cause cats around me smoke that green stuff
Plus I got y'all magnetised all in my flow
In the sea, watch the captain while you fall in the road
The poet of the projects, the conqueror of the streets
The apostle show you gangster paradise when I speak
I sleep, my mouth still moving, I'm talking to angels
Spirit fly, embraced by God and I sit with them saints too
I paint jewels, f**k writing rhymes
I take the pen and swipe across
So y'all see apostles and n***as on sidewalks
'Til y'all see bodies down, all lined in white chalk
I spit 'The Offering', the gift coming soon
These ties I bought you, they guide you to my world so walk through