"Here and Now"

Yeah, you got skills, yeah, you might be dope
But that doesn't mean a thing if you're trying to go gold
Because rapping isn't hitting like it used to on its own
If you don't switch to RnB, you'll really never be known
But the real heads see you and then *poof* they don't
It's a magic trick that has to happen after being broke
Some positivity is needed in your mental state
Because time waits for no man and all things change
Just like the seasons do, there's a reason the feature's feasiblе
You're tryina flee the coup and keep moving to prove thе beast in you
Don't eat the fruit that's forbidden, the side effects are permanent
You permeate the air and cut circulation like tourniquets
Burn the b*t*h down and build it stronger next time
I'll dissect your best line, find the enzyme and set the substrate
Snatch loops and dub tapes
Lock in place like a dovetail and leave bloodstains because-

I'm sick of wack sh*t, I'm sick of most things
I'll grab the microphone and let you know how real pros swing
You feel severe flows stinging inside widening ear canals
Ain't nowhere to run and hide from the here and now

Where you at though? Busy snacking on a poison apple-
At the crossroads, the rhythm grabbed you and it got cold
The skinny bone trees whistle as the wind rips through
Even if they coming with it, kid, they can't get you so-
Raise up squire, adjust your attire
We have no time to make nothing other than fire
Put air into the tires and get up and on your way
Listen to yourself, don't give a sh*t to what they say
Because you know the time, you feel the plight of an MC
Till it's back in style, you'll survive riding that bench seat
And miss me with that coulda woulda shoulda pu**y bull
Get your SM58, initiate jet propulsion, uh
Straight the f**k up, I bust to keep my sanity
I don't derive enjoyment from none of the stuff you're handing me
I plan to leave the planet on a vinyl rocket
Abandon all of my problems, flip the sample and drop it because I'm-
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