"The Streets Bring Only Blank Stares"

Cut the ties that bind my wrists together
'Cause you'll never have a f**king grip on me
Never know what I've seen
And you'll never f**king feel the same
Like a piece of broken glass
From the mirror of what once was but will never be
Cracked from the hardened stare of jealousy
Its a mess that I refuse to clean
And it's a burden I refuse to bear
Because when each new day brings the hope
Of so many to its knees
I can stand back and watch
The city f**king burn
Lighting up the night
And scorching someone even as cold as you
Someday I'll look back on this with tired eyes
Remembering the bitterness and the pain
Released from every pore
Every scratch on the skin that I've endured
Is whats left of a battle that i f**king lost
But now i have ice in my veins
And a fire burning in my throat
Because feeling dead is what keeps me alive tonight
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