Natasha Mosley

"Feel Better"

[Chorus: Miguel Fresco & Natasha Mosley]
Hope I didn't hit you on the wrong line
'way I'm feeling this gonna be a long night
Me and bae just got into a long fight
Hope I didn't take you for the wrong type
Come make me feel better
Can you make me feel better
Come make me feel better
Can you make me feel

[Verse 1: Miguel Fresco]
Me and shawty fighting don't know how to make it right
Too much going on don't wanna think 'bout that tonight
Headed to the city I'll be following the lights
Thought about you once and then I thought about you twice
Ain't even gon' cap you down
I was on your side of town
Hope you ain't in for the night
Can you come and slidе around
???Marlo action caught the feels???
Who can I come finding out
???Curves you ain't you shut your shot???
But it's pеrfect timing now
I know a place that we can pull up to
Roll up and smoke let you sip by my cup too
Keep sh*t on the low so I know I can trust you
Don't really get how ain't nobody cuffed you
I hope
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