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Mike Jones

"Still Tippin"

[Intro - Juro]

Let's do this

[Verse - Juro]

Red Devil
My Flow
Smash All
Snub Nose
Blast Off
I'm that raw
That n*gga
Fall Back, get spring on
I'm all that and my team on
Money all in my jeans boy
Fresh cut look mean boy
Sipping tipsy on Nemos
Shorty turn into a freak though
And she a jump off
Free Throw
Call back
Dial tone
Talk is cheap
You notice me, like Jodeci - the things I
Will Always Be
All in my life and you it B
For Heaven's sake, I'm about a G
They could never take control of Me
Owning Me, Holding Me
I'm heavy metal when I flow
So Juro spit that mercury
Cut you open vertically and insert a chip?
A citizen right after surgery?
A bloody tyrant
The holy ghost is serving me
And I feeling mighty vibrant
Cursed is he, who trust in man
Are you better than
Your inner man, the bigger plan
Is to NOT give a damn about illusion
But can you SEE through It?
n*gga I'm about truth, I don't know about lies
All I roll with is a Dutch and real n*ggas on my side
I don't ever dead my n*ggas cuz for my n*ggas I would die
Respect and death before dishonor
Clairvoyance with my third eye
Man I'm heading for the top
Ain't no way that I'ma stop
Unless you pop me and I drop
But I'm like rocky with them shots
You cannot stop me
Get off my c*ck you f*cking jock strap, listen to me rap
I got Pun and Pac in the back of the black ACk
Packing a Mac, fully loaded
Unload it, Brat Brat Brat
So they know what we holding and it go like that
Shout out to my comrades

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