La the Darkman
Snakeskin Down
[Verse 1: LA The Darkman]
I rock my Gucci bucket like f**k it with a moscat
Got a RnB broad with me like LeToya Luckett
Pull it out, she suck it, she know the routine
In the back of the Phantom with the tantum, riding clean
Four karat pinky ring, better recognize a don
I quarterback the bricks with a Tom Brady arm
Coach like velvet check, even though I write the check
From n***as worldwide, got undivided respect
Different flavors of (?), hoes can gratulate us
Having them dancing in the mansion, keep a pistol for you haters
Taking the Escalader up the road to success
When it come to traffic and coke, n***a, I'm the best
Way down in Texas, they know the name LA
I always got work, n***a, even when it's dry
Take an eye for an eye, boy, that's no lie
You ever cross me wrong, somebody gone die

[Verse 2: Styles P]
Snakeskin down to the floor, but they're Air Ones
Diamonds on the hand, (?) hammer that's a rare gun
Hundred worth of weed, that's a blunt in each hand, son
I don't floss much, I be in the cut bossed up
Hitting the Dutch, whipping the sauce up (you know)
But when I ate bird I bought duck, fifteen hundred the plate
I've been straight, little n***a, you caught up
Snakeskin fitted too, I ain't gotta rap
I can bag of a brick of the shake of the digital
Styles P, Bun B, believe you ain't critical
Don Juan talking, it's preaching, but it ain't biblical
Yeah, and the drama is all visual
You ain't affiliated with the affiliates
Just cut out the silly sh*t, n***a, you just miserable
Got a cannon that'll make you invinsible
B*t*h a** trick, make a million it'll be a miracle

[Verse 3: Bun B]
And no it ain't been it style
Bubble kush, send it with them window tinted
And that's how we represent it, no lease, no borrow
If you see me in it today, you see it tomorrow
I got no sorrow for haters, no sympathy for he tbroad
F**k n***as want redemption, then get it from the Lord
Jesus loves, and God forgives
But a trill a** n***a's coming back for his
I can't say it no plainer or write it more clear
You might be on another level, b*t*h, but you ain't here
It take more than the chains, more than cars and clothes
How you a millionaire with five dollar hoes?
Keep it trill, pimping, you know how it goes