La the Darkman
Az the World Turnz
[Intro: La The Darkman, (Raekwon)]
Word up. La The Dark' and Chef
(True, let's get it right.)
Aiyyo. Fourth
(Let's get it right like white.)
Burning that a**. Sniff it up
(You know how we go, kid.)
Like a hound on dope
(Yeah. Yeah.)
Word. Word life. La The Dark'
Big up to my many Buck-Buck
Don't sweat that
(What up, son.)
It's all good
(Check it. Check it.)

Yo, yo, yo, yo
Aiyyo La, what's up son
Aiyyo, you read the papers
2 Columbian n***as hit these moneymakers
A heavy routine, Chevy, Yukon green
Had crazy coke up in that piece by all means

[La The Darkman]
The kids was mad flonting, Rae', it had to go down
Killers be coming for your neck, when you wearing a crown
4-5's and AK's, kids ready to spray
The cats got nine lives from around my way
Timb boots and overlord, two techs by the door
So, when the po-po come, I can take them to war

Same subject, techs and royalty checks
Plus marketing the drugs, equal mad respect
I gotta get mine, blast mad nines on a regular
Fake compet**or or player,will meet his maker

[La The Darkman]
Who's the rap mayor, it's me, I be the slayer
The dark's in the realm, you contemplate your prayers
Meteorite of clips hitting in the 9-5th
All you yapping MC's, like pancakes you get flipped
I got a thirty shot clip at the grip of the hip
A mad av. warrior, young tale from the crypt, kid
[Chorus: Raekwon, (La The Darkman)] (x2)
As the world goes round yo the same is the same
(Same junkies on the corners shooting sh*t in their vein)
But still, black man must rise up to the top
(Representing Darkman with this real hip hop)

[Interlude: Raekwon, (La The Darkman)]
And you don't stop (and you don't stop)
Yeah! (and you can't stop) and you can't stop
(Word up! word drop that style)

[La The Darkman]
You only live once, execute your dreams
A third real triple beam, weighed out my scheme
For the cream, I sold cracks, never could relax
Now build with Wu-Tang, spitting lyrical facts
Young black mad b*st*rd from the concrete street
And I never leave the land without strapping my heat
Keep peace and don't beef, word life Tariq
I stole the million dollar show cause I'm that dark thief
Part Dark part spark, ready to rip you apart
I was born with a gold shield over my heart
So, don't start none, it won't be none
I'm dominating the screen, my reign just begun
I got raw and uncut for the kids doing bids
You can't figure my physical like a pyramid
I'm that wicked dark star, may La now rise
I switch to warp space 5 like the Starship Enterprise
[Chorus to fade]