La the Darkman
Pain in Many Forms
[Intro: Bowtie]
Yo, yo, check, check, haha, check
Yo, the millennium is graced for a thousand years, baby
Youknawhatimean? It's La the Darkman, skilthy rich
July Six, on the hits, you knawmean?
Tell these n***as, how the pain really go down out here in the streets
Knawhatimean, La? It's a real situation, baby
Check, check, yo

[Chorus: Bowtie]
I see pain in many forms, just to reach my peak
Hustle in back of alley ways, watchin' for heat
Cardier's, lens tinted, cuz the glows snow white
Sh*t, blowin' like I never ever seen in my life

I got the burner on display, shirt open in the winter
I feel good, sorta like the number one contender
Two four-five bandit, plus them n***as wanna stick me
I'm the son of a junkie, muthaf**kas, come and get me
I c*ck the needle back, push overdose rhymes
And china white times, fight it like a coke line
And sniff it like a bloody hound and freeze the mic
Crack beats like the pipe, light it up in the night
While you n***as watch this miracle, right before your eyes
One ounce of dope, made a lot of n***as ride
A lot of a n***as died over b*t*hes wit lies
I put 'em six feet under, on the Sixth of July

[La the Darkman]
I get drunk, smoke skunk, plus I pack a pump
Be in clubs, Hennied out, smack sh*t outta punk
Thought I told ya'll b*t*hes, my style's vicious
Cuttin' faggots in their face, give a hundred fifty st**ches
My n***as, roll Cadillac trucks, Ranges and sixes
Always on the low, hoes like "F**k dodgin' snitches"
Hustlin', transportin' coke in ziplocks
My flow dangerous, like when a pit lock
Darkman, Montana, put a bullet through your bandana
Jump in a whip, listen to jake on a scanner
If they got a print, then I flee the state to Atlanta
And the law gettin' high, smokin' dro, no bammer
I'm poor, spit raw, more clothes than a mall
Young big black n***a, grip the mack wit a claw

[Kool G. Rap]
Civilized, lookin' at grey skies, to make guys, wit spray in her eyes
For them base pies, sprayin' they five
Face the skies, let the eight rise, we weight wise and take lives
Me and my aces live, so f**k shapin' and size
It's curtains and drapes for guys, I click can't wait to demise
It's cakes that rise to mid-wives, states to Chi-Town
Got it locked down, tearin' blocks down where we pop rounds
My n***as laced this sh*t, you wanna play tricks?
And end up suspended in air with their face ripped
Make my whole place ripped
We yap up n***as like UFO's, inside of a spaceship
Smacked up n***as, gunnin', ya holdin' 'til the safe lit
It's basic, another cake lift, n***a, another 30,000 to break wit
Bodies be on some bottom of the lake sh*t
To shake quick before the jakes hit
31 and ya filthy rich, n***a, the basics, spray shots like The Matrix