La the Darkman
So Good (So Dirty Remix)
[Ol' Dirty B*st*rd]
Yeah girl, never stop what you're doin girl
You look good on TV knowImean
Got my eyes all plugged into you
You know, you got a lot of fans you know
You know we love you

[LA The Darkman]
Check the scenario, it's LA The Darkman imperial
I spit hot material to melt your whole stereo
I'm set, tryin to see cash like Kevin Garnett
Ain't no connin me, my partner's calm as Sean Connery
The new rap nominee for masterin economy
I'm lampin, catch me in a mini mansion
Around mobsters, Muslims, scholars and hoodlums
Cats just to eat will stop your heartbeat
I rock Jordans dunn, got about 19 guns
Now come see me, I grant my wife wishes like a genie
You catch me in the street, black Lex and black beanie
Walled off, slammed cats like Nikolai Volkov
I'm the boss

[Davina (Ol' Dirty B*st*rd)]
Never have I been so mystified by anyone's love before (talk to me)
Hey, I feel so natural
I keep comin back for more
And each time we touch you open up a new door

Baby you're such a midnight tease (midnight tease)
It's gonna take everything to keep you from me, hey (comin atcha girl)
And the joy that your lovin brings (lovin brings)
Can separate the mountains from the sea

I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
(I don't wanna be wrong)
If loving you is so wrong
I don't wanna go on
(I don't wanna go on)
I don't wanna be wrong
But it feels right
It feels good
So good, so good, so good

Spent so many nights believing I was wrong for you bein in my life
I can't ignore it when some say that it ain't right, it ain't right
I decided you're the best thing that happened in my life
I haven't had everything, oh no
But you come close to everything that love means, hey yeah (talk to me)
In heaven's eyes love is embraced between you and I
Now that we have each other I don't have to dream


[Ol' Dirty B*st*rd]
Yo, yo, yo, yo fellas please understand
You don't need to just leave your woman
Whatever type of relationship is at hand
It's all God creations, sea, sky, air and land
We goin through growin pains golden girl
Let's go live together cause it's a Dirty World
L-O-V-E, what does it mean?
Peep game from a mentally fit sex machine
It ain't all about that physical heat
Girl, you look good, yes from your head to your feet
Oooooohh sweet chariot
Oooooooo to the Marriot

[LA The Darkman]
Gambinos, my team play hard as Rick Patino's
The C-notes, women from black to Filipinos
Street hero, heat up the charts like El Nino
Egyptian, play the black knight position
Wu-Tang, Killer Bees, on a swarm
Chorus (2x)

[Ol' Dirty B*st*rd]
Sound good girl
Don't ever stop singin to me!