"Fictional Animals"

[Intro: Joe Rogan]
I'm not a typical parent
I went looking for Bigfoot, ok?
How many kids can say their dad went looking for Bigfoot?
That was one of the dumbest things I've ever done
But I learned a lot
I was doing this SyFy show called 'Joe Rogan Questions Everything'
And part of it was "Would you go looking for sh*t that's not real?"

I just don't know
I can't let you go
You must be found
I'll scope you out and I'll track you down
And if I lose control
You gotta let me know
We're incompatible
I'm chasing fictional animals

Hey, my name is Jeff and I have clinical depression
Been tryna track you down, it's become my personal obsession
I've been checking all my trail cams
Hoping I can find you
They say you don't exist but I can't picture life without you
So I left them all behind and it's making me nervous
But the thought of finding you has given life a new purpose
They say you don't exist but I don't believe 'em
'Cause statistically speaking, you're the only thing I'm dreaming of
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