Notorious lyrics

Bugzy Malone

[Intro: Turbulence]
I could have been one of the most notorious

[Verse 1: Bugzy Malone]
This Luciano, Tony Soprano
Come up like Pablo, nothin' like Narcos
And I'm self employed, never got furloughed
Lobster with thermidor, word to San Carlo
I got the big white tiles, not marble
Walk in the room and I scan it like a barcode
They can never catch me lacking, that's a no-no

They want me incarcerated like I'm an Alpo
Godfather, young De Niro
I could've killed him with my bare hands and done a Drago
Man try violate like I'm a tomato
Man are saying "Calm down", me, I'm like "Nah, bro"
I'm on a turn-switch, when thеy 'bout to draw boat
I'm a heartbreaker, nеver been heartbroke
And I'm Darth Vader, I can get dark
Let it bark, let it bark, turn it up and let it bark (Aruff!)

[Hook: Bugzy Malone and Turbulence]
Are they stupid? Are they stupid?
It was all a dream now I feel notorious, woah
Back then I needed a deal (Notorious)
Now I'm on, leading the field (Notorious, woah)

I feel notorious
Yeah, that's me on the telly (Notorious, woah)
I feel notorious
B.I.G, Makavelli
Gambino, John Gotti (Notorious, woah)

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