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"​now you don’t"

[Verse 1: Rav]
One summer can't fill a hole that's been dug for years
Crushed by fear robust and fierce, chugging tears
The grudge is clear, affront ensues the muzzle wears
Forget appearances, clearly no one f*cking cares
I'm introverted with a flair for the dramatic
I'm sick of my despair, I'm so embarrassed
I'm sick of always caring so emphatic, I'm erratic
And when I really should care get distracted
It's apparent
I'm sick of hearing everybody's sh*t
Everybody's sh*t is worse than everybody's is
Exclaimed with pompous, confidence, along with youth flaunting accomplishments, plea for astonishment
Neither providing ac*men uncommon, nor yet operative but hey
I won't listen to it, I won't heed it
Don't want to judge them, I'm no different, just conceited
Hey melancholy as you enter reason fleeting reaching for a quick distraction, but tonight though I don't need it, I mean

[Chorus: Rav]
I'm finna flee, I'm finna bounce
I tossed the key outside my house
I'll disappear and not come back
I'll disappear, I'll disappear
Escaping me, escape my mouth
I dry my tears, and wipe 'em out
I'll disappear, and not come back
I'll disappear, I'll disappear

[Outro: Rekcahdam]
I smoke so much, sober I'm seeing sh*t differently
I'm outta touch with my fam, I know they sick of me
sh*t, I'm sick of me
Suicide in my peripheral
I don't know why J stick with me
Right now, I'm simply do or die
So I just do, who am I? I'm confused
They say my whole life I got to choose, but not really
I thought if I trained and became nice with the craft, I couldn't lose
But instead of cheese, I only got the blues
So I'm just
Working, working, working, life hard bro
But if I don't go to work, I might starve bro
And if I don't have a goal, life ain't worth it
So when I get home from work, I go to work
Next year, I gotta make it even if it hurt
But I guess these just first world problems
Just puzzles, I could solve em'
I just need access to the pieces
I used to hack dudes until they tracked me like a beacon
Now I just teach it
I talk in code cause I keep so many secrets
Tell em' n*ggas something these days and they'll leak it
Wish I was younger, ignorance was convenient
Getting older I feel like, knowledge became my weakness
My bad, Rav
I know I'm always on some deep sh*t

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