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[Verse 1: Rav]
My thoughts and actions constantly clashing
I suck at passion
My heart knows that you're fragile, but my mouth keeps button-mashing
My ADD often distracting me
Often a rationalization trying to justify my often clumsy practice
From woeful winters, to sours springs and summer sadness
I frequently fall short of what i often promise
Backflip into a solitary corner
Feeling so sorry for myself, acting like nothing matters
But the truth of the matter is it’s fruitless as a pattern
It's useless, stupid, it's damaging, got to mute it from happening
It’s a bully, it's arrogant
Can be truly embarrassing
When consumed by its shadow, i keep on losing my sanity
Yeah, focusing on self
While you in the corner, lonely, simply hoping that i help
Stuck within my little mind, fail to notice you're in hell
When self-centered all i offer is a broken little shell
I shall let my feelings flow like the smoke that i expel
Explaining how i feel now and exposing how i've felt
Exorcise the demons that i hold inside myself
You've been excellent to me
So i just hope now i excel

[Them Ooh's and Aah's: Scuare]

[Sample: FLCL]
Haruko: There's not even a door to get in or out

[Verse 2: Kill Bill]
Change is in the wind, it ain't imaginary
Bloodstream full of ink, let it paint your capillaries
Rolling through the grass, we just playing in the anthills
My favorite little toxin and my body's at a standstill
My focus and my vision have a different view
I’m holding back vomit, gotta make it past the centrifuge
No ground, no floors, never seen a landing spot
Besides my granddad, I can’t say I been a fan of cops
All I do is stand and rot, sky full of lovebugs
I think I'd see your face again if I do enough drugs
Or maybe not, baby stop, Dreamcast still broke
They say that rap is dead, I’m kinda mad I weren't the killstroke
Old heads; dying off
New heads; rhyming soft
Can't afford a MacBook, my OS Microsoft
Facial feature broken, full of glass and bad memories
Slow crawl cocoon, I can't wait til cats pillar me
It’s summertime again, but summers ain't so summery
The grass is always greener, that's the age old summary
Say I like change, but I'm afraid change will come for me
Afraid I might change by the time change done with me

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