Finesse Hunter lyrics

Vel The Wonder

[Verse 1]
I bless hoes off a gold touch
Rapid movement like a gold rush
Don’t step to me if you don’t know much
Y’all still tryna grasp my old clutch
b*t*hes see me and hit the toe touch
These raps is drowsy like zzzquil
Man it’s hard for me to keep still
Shorty get bored and take a Beats Pill
They make a hobby tryna beat Vel
If I don’t body, I don’t eat well
My accolades through the roof
Ya I like to save
Stack financial aid through the booth
Man these women like to pay for my truth
But I give it to Vivian for free
I live it so vividly
Like picture me in Italy
Saying Sicilian dishes, see a million b*t*hes
Karma karma karma chamelеon switches
Never switchеd up crews but my style did
Put my number dialed it
Miles’d it, did more than what a while did
I’m breaking bank off exclusives
Verses top elusive
b*t*hes making a gang of excuses
Versus knocking tooth’s in
Verses my noggin profiting off of 2 cents
Causing problems
Ya verse is not an option nuisance..
I got it from here, Buzz
Wood-y even share
If he brought us the Ham here cus..
If I gotta hear this Toy’s Story
Man this boys boring
And it sound like he having a lightyear does..

[Chorus] x2
I’m that digital dope
Finesse hunter
Rep the West on her
Pistol grip pump
Connect Wonder

[Verse 2]
I drop impossible
Probably Godly and unstoppable
Modern day Mona Lisa but audible
Yo- peace to the optimal..
I flood the streets
When I stream with my moniker
Seasonal is optional
I increase speed while methodical
Journey onto the next wave like I’m coolin’
Hurry onto the next stage like a student
My early days left me bitter like an aftertaste
Then I mastered tapes
Rap at faster rates..
No need for co-signs
Like I ain’t come from cold cuts
Coming into some money
And I ain’t come from old bucks
I freak it first class or I ain’t flying no fuss
Give it to em so straight
My clients about to go nuts
Hey Dirty, baby I got ya money
Ain’t nobody talking for me
If they want that Smoke
You could Pop em for me
I won’t pause to drop and crop the fruit
And let it prove well
Another new Vel..

If you ain’t with the crew, bail...

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