Porsche (Banoffee Remix)

Kacy Hill

[Verse 1]
I feel like running
'Til I can't make it home
I feel like throwing
Myself into your arms
'Cause it makes me feel
Like I've been thinking the same way too long
I listened into something I'm not
But, now, I guess it's worse
To take it all to heart

No-one's gonna tell you
It isn't all about you
Everybody loves you
Everybody loves you
Turn-Turn it around, baby, you're down
But everybody loves you
Turn it around, say it out loud
Everybody loves you

[Verse 2]
Sometimes, I go out
To dinner all alone (No one's gonna tell you)
It still reminds me
When I moved herе on my own (Everybody loves you)
And I've got a way of making lifе hard
And overthinking the good things I've got
But it feels good to restart
And not take it all to heart
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