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Playboi Carti

"Wrist Frozen"

Fetch me the soul
Ooh, [?]
Damn son, where'd you find this?

Damn, Carti, damn, damn, uh

My wrist frozen (Damn)
Two tone rich hoe (Damn)
Count money, condo (Carti)
Snowbunny, Easter pink (Carti)
Got the b*tch all on me (Damn)
f*ck a b*tch, get rich (Damn)
Trust none, with the plug (Uh)
In the cut counting funds (Ayy)
I can show your block some love (Goddamn)
n*ggas talking sh*t (Damn)
Load the clip (Damn)
Watch ’em drip (Goddamn)
Got his b*tch (Goddamn)
With the grip (Goddamn)
Now she dancing on my di*k
In the streets, with the streets (Carti)
All my n*ggas in the system (Carti)
All my n*ggas holding pistols (Carti)
You a pus*y like your b*tch (Damn)
Like a click, damn, I hit (I hit)
Looking like a walking lick
I take your sh*t then sell your sh*t (Lil n*gga)
Count money all day, that's it (That's it)
Smoke loud, can’t touch no mid (Hell nah)
[?] my crib filled with them bricks (Damn)
And my car come with the tint (Damn)
My cash don't make no sense (Damn)
I'm looking like a pimp (A pimp)
I pull up in that whip (Damn)
My n*ggas always [?] (Damn)
Ayy, s-

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