Playboi Carti

"Wrist Frozen"

[Intro: Shadoe Haze & Playboi Carti]
Ooh, [?]
Damn, son, where'd you find this?
(Damn, damn, damn)

[Verse: Playboi Carti]
My wrist froze (Damn)
Two-tone rich ho (Damn)
Count money, condo (Carti)
Snowbunny, Easter pink (Carti)
Got the b*t*h all on me (Damn)
f**k a b*t*h, get rich (Damn)
Trust none
With the plug (Uh)
In the cut (Ayy)
Countin’ funds (Ayy)
I can show your block some love (Goddamn)
n***as talkin' sh*t (Damn)
Load the clip (Damn)
Watch 'em drip (Goddamn)
Got his b*t*h (Goddamn)
With the grip (Goddamn)
Now she dancin’ on my d**k
In the kitchen, whip the mix (Carti)
Free my n***as in the system (Carti)
All my n***as hold a pistol (Carti)
You a pu**y like your b*t*h (Damn)
Like a click, damn, I hit (I hit)
Lookin' like a walkin' lick
I take your sh*t then sell your sh*t (Lil n***a)
Count money all day, that's it (That's it)
Smoke loud, can't touch no mid (Hell nah)
My crib filled with them bricks (Damn)
And my car come with the tint (Damn)
My cash don't make no sense (Damn)
I'm lookin’ like a pimp (A pimp)
I pull up in that whip (Damn)
My n***as always VIP (Damn)
Ayy, s—
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