R.I.P. [OG] lyrics

Playboi Carti

[Verse 1:]
...Slatt, move like a boss, slatt, move like a boss
I get that dope, kilo, yeah, come f**k with the boss (Yeah)
Smokin' that gas, diesel, yeah, smoke like a boss, yeah
She throwin' it back like a Frisbee, yeah, hit like a boss (Yeah)

I'ma go f**k that b*t*h, I'ma go thrash that b*t*h (Yeah)
Shawty gon' suck this d**k (Yeah), shawty gon' suck this d**k (Yeah)
That's a pull-up b*t*h (Yeah), don't make me pull up, b*t*h
I smash that thot, then pull out, b*t*h...

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