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It's the season
So what are we going to do
Are we just gonna let the time pass by the years pass by stuck still without a move

I wanna progress I gotta confess I got a goal to be the best and lil vision but I haven't even put in any work

And that's the truth (no tea)
I got these dreams that I'm tryin' to reach
But I'm still in bed very asleep
But deep down inside man know I believe
In a God in a vision in the stories of the book
Sitting in church had a young boy shook
Little man had his own right to free will
But couldn't comprehend what God has willed

Fax no printer soda no kap
I dream to be big a goal to rack stacks
Think of the kids think of the people
Some have got plans but won't make the sequel
Life can be hard life can be tough
But we gotta push cuz enough ain't enough
I'll be the diamond that's found in the rough
And then one day I'll find me a wifey to cuff

Pastor protect and provide that's what I'mma do till the day that I die
You'll share your vision and I'mma share mine
And that's what I call an eye for an eye

I'm curious no George
I do my dance nae nae like a horse
It doesn't make sense no quarters
They just tryna make cents when they crossin borders


Brain a bottle
Thoughts I gotta spill
Life be like a coaster hands held high all for the thrill
Life is not a game
Life is very real
I spilled all my thoughts and now I need a refill


Count my blessing one by one
Life be like a marathon
Trouble comes I'm on the run
Let's get this bread all rolls no buns
Count my blessings one by one
On my momma we ain't done
Plate be full we eatin up
Let's get this bread all rolls no buns

Verse 2

Future from the stories gain thought from a parable
Future is calling don't hide take the mask off
Doubts in a mind so unknowing and timid
Doubtst dig whales in a spirit no divot

Learn from the stories gain thought from a parable
Made to sptread love acts of love incomparable
Through empathy it's a key to see throught the heart
When eyes fail to see (wow)
Don't need to be a detective
Just look from their view cuz it's all bout perspective (for real)
Be grateful for things that you got in your life cuz it might just end up being tentative
So think of the people with nothing to eat
All of the people with nowhere to sleep
All the kids that do not know the feeling of opening presents from under the tree

Actions suppressed
And my fear the suppressor
I'm educating with my flow a professor
Pulling back and hit a step back on life
Like Harden's
Now I see better

Flow is so cold like an icee
I'm chasing the Guap got the juice like a Hi-C
I'm riding this wave on my own on the hi seas
Shoutout homes standing by me

Knowing the ones that I can trust to keep em near me
Why be so fancy Dasani no Fiji
Livin so simple I smile with my dimples a song to me self
Dear me



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