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I’m an archaeologist, I forage through the forest
Find an A1 nug for the blunt, what’s up lil b*tch I just be soaring
Pullin Heisenberg, the acid hydrochloric for the corpses
They be rackin like my bills so I need space for my storage
Got a weekly f*ckin check about the size of your mortgage
Outfit on me cost your soul, I doubt these hoes could afford it
You were boring way before I could afford to record it
I come with variation, I’m a smorgasbord of Lauren
A couple years ago I’d piece together sh*t that never went
And still look fly as f*ck, but now I’m in my bape inside a Benz
It doesn’t matter what I wear, im triple 7
Heaven sent
b*tch get wet, if she see me in my Tommy with my set
All my packs smell like death, trees in Aokigahara
Mix the Percys and the xannies into bottles of the vodka
Know you do a lotta talkin, I just smoke my marijuana
I’m a cedes, you a Honda
I’m the avatar, you Sokka
If you mooching for my sh*t you better wanna walk away with nada
I’m like seal team six inside one rapper, y’all osama
If you come near go like nahmir and pop your brain to pasta
Y’all be flockin to the flame like moths, and no I don’t mean waka

Clothing racks, roll with wax, spilled it on my bathing ape
Throwing stacks, open packs, blunt look like I laced a crepe
On my path for golden plaques, tripping vision changing shape
Get the bag like Goldman Sachs account about to break the bank
Bout that still, I sin, no bible
Spacey goth boy fit, no kylo
Clockwork orange, watch em die slow
Piglets running ducking 5’0
Battleship, sunk that sh*t, where the f*ck my time go
Dropped a check into these sneakers so don’t touch my nikes, tho
She put The xans in the squirt or maybe the hi-c
Ex girlfriends all want me 6 feet under, they don’t like me
I might drop some acid tablets after just to sight see
Road running rappers look like dinner,call me Wile E
When I come tough inside your girlfriend
Blunderbuss, I’m a shotgun, you in a whirlwind
Henny got me drunk, that’s a Audi I just hurled in...
f*ck me up like the world did

That’s another forwarded call, so f*ck this phone then
I’m unstable, shaky as f*ck and I’m up, I need my balance like a ronin
Blow this, I’m open
All we do is smoke spliffs
Bottles got me feelin like I’m devoid of any emotion
What’s this notion you present me with, you b*tch?
I’m lit as f*ck and spit better than shady after dropping Rits inside a pit of cocaine bricks
This my domain, if
You think you be f*ckin with me then you brainless
My steel is stainless
Until I finesse and your blood gonna stain it
Sharks biting my flows I kick em off like will smith as a fish
Only thing I'm biting brownies filled with cannabis
Imma summon that Aladdin genie, make a f*ckin wish
That being a rapper in 2018 don’t mean you get to go act like a b*tch...
My ego is growing, I’m floating like government aerospace or maybe Boeing
I Run it up, I’m on the hunt like a Hun, hollow tips in my gun, I’m deranged and you know it
I know I make all of em nervous, they hurt by my words, but too pus*y so they never show it
But why in the f*ck is you not shutting up bout my clothing when I ain’t the one that look homeless?
AMC on acid
AMG, my sh*t be classic
Masses of the codeine
That look like I'm sippin' on molasses
Keep a blade, like bras I'm strapless
f*ck an automatic
I go Jason with some swords and axes
If you b*tches want some static --

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