[Verse 1: Ace]
Up on top of the globe
Astronomical poses
Rolling roses, guns and stones is all that poses
Major threat, make a bet to all his troops
As they loop-di-doop around Betty Boop
They on cahoots
It's a shame, there ain't no pity
Look at mother earth and say she ain't too pretty
From the obnubilated city
Purr purr kitty cat
Fat slap from mother's back hand when I chitty chat
Or maybe snap back like the flat-cap the uncle used to wear when he sleep on the couch
Effective speech from the mouth
Dental records show corrosion on the molars from the acid that he spit or alkaline from lies as he deceived and despised as the eyes of the spies speculated and devised the evil plot to bring his demise
Nah, that's why he ain't too friendly
The clouds in the sky came to rain on your Bentley
As well as your parade
Charade was far from over
Son you a star, check it, I'm the supernova
Ace of spare spades, keep the deck in place
Warn the human race, andile, andile
My son will call risotto rices
If and when he's left to his own devices
Now, tell me, whose the nicest?
Corporate cash-exchangers?
Or vagabonds defining the meaning of honest strangers?
No hobo

[Verse 2]
Imma' ripping and sticking, like I'm sticking the clip in
The definition of vision? Ace's optical permission
Something in a thirty acre thermal thicket of thorns
Thrust and thunder is threatening the 3D thoughts
Like, clean up
You know where to send the wire j*rks
Black teeth still snack on sweets and the fireworks and
Get stacks with the qui-mon-qui
They used to sell cd's, now its fake weaves and pit seeds
Infinite flow rap style like the gauntlet
If you've got it, flaunt it
The rap game is haunted by dead emcee's
Who fell into the trap
"Versace, versace..."
Man, I ain't buying that
These whack rappers ain't dope
No message in their flow
No brains in their domes
No intelligence to show
Yet they're selling out shows
On the radio, in the store
Yeah, I've heard it all before
Originality is low, man
It kinda gets you right here, don't it?
Ace got the rhymes to cure this nightmare, promise
Best to keep your soul safe from harm, man, own it
Or the sell-outs sell it out and put a serial number on it
Check it

YFG next clique with an odd future
Rules of the game is hold your girl close or lose her...