[Verse 1: Freddy]
Uh, a pen and some paper had the words to describe
The challenges I face, then the struggles I survive
Never stopped flinching once I saw my n***as die
Lookin' like a criminal inside the people's eyes
My dark skin ain't helpin', neither do the weapons
Or n***as on the streets with the gangs they be reppin'
All I really want is just a little recognition
Spittin' flows with my n***as that be hotter than the kitchens
I got my bars on like ew
Oh damn, that was terrible

[Verse 2: A-F-R-O]
A selection of redemption has vengeance by its forearm
Your girl's pu**y big enough to fit my whole arm
I've shown all that I can be, I've tried to be the happy one
But everyone is trappin' me, insanity, I can't be one
Can't compare the two, I'd be the careful dude that only knows so much
[? Only gross low such], nonsense is robust, my prophet is none other than broke
I go another highway, my way is oh so combusted
Frustrated as none, dated appreciated
I'm pleased my age is [?] and traded in darkness
Apart from me not being the same personality
But split into 3 realities I be draggin' with me
I got dragon teeth, strong bites into your brain
Otherwise, my words that can serve you as my prey
My [? 1:15] ent**y, dark energy [?]
[?] violent tendency, Y'all made me this way
[Verse 3: Ace]
Ok, ok
You thinkin' you should poke at Ace on the mic
I'll make sure that your head and neck in a trophy case
Surely I'll leave you hurtin', lyrics so big and burley
Got my name across your shirt, on the front like its Hurley
Yo' girl flirtin' with me? then she's flirtin' with death
Travel a journey or quest, with a fork in your neck
You get hit with the tech, a bullet up in yo' chest
You wake up in your mother's bed without a bulletproof vest
Your mind spinnin' of this blindin' image
I walk into the room and y'all can't handle the tension
I'm from another dimension, still at home like I'm suspended
[?] like I'm fishin' my intuition, just keep it trippin'