[Intro: Michael Wavves]
SOS, yeah
SOS, yeah
SOS, yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Michael Wavves]
SOS, yeah
SOS, yeah
I think we're goin' down, I need a
SOS, yeah
SOS, yeah
SOS (Yeah, yeah)

[Chorus: Michael Wavves]
Can't you see I'm with somebody—with somebody else?
When I'm alone at night, I need some help
All this temptation, it takes me to places I hate
The water's up to my face, SOS

[Verse 1: Michael Wavves]
Yeah, I need an SOS
Thought I had an 'S' all on my chest
But I know it caved into that mess
Feel like I put a knife up to my neck
So tell me, who am I?
As I look, I see lies
I see tears as she cryin'
As she lay up at night
I'm so sorry
Place the blame on me
I was with somebody
I'm tellin' you, it's not me
If you wanna end it, I get it, I'll go
I deserve all this pain that I know, yeah, yeah
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