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Yeah, yeah
Y'all know me
I don't even have to introduce myself, haha
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yo, it's me, here it goes
Yeah, yo

[Verse 1]
I don't care if you ain't down with the movement
It's changed, mind's [clicked dull?]
Best move it or lose it
Girls like, "OMG, did he really diss his ex now?"
No, I only told a story, everybody calm down
I spit what I feel, the page before and to the real deal
I'm known to deal real, so if I p*ss you off, I apologize (Nah)
But this is the way most of us should live our day-to-day lives
Give props when it's due, and when it's due, criticize
No one should ever have to bend their words or mouth to what they see with their eyes
I understand you're not fake on the inside
But the need for popularity keeps you all in that disguise
Diss yourselves and then diss the other guys
f**k it, so I run against my own words
But that's the only way to push the situation from the mic to Billboards
The only way to move forwards
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm crazy aggressive with my f**kin' lingo (Damn)
Duck or cover your faces and make like Bingo
Get as close to the ground as possible, limbo
Brain so big, y'all can call me Jimbo
I'm off like rocket, y'all [?] stop it
Limited edition sh*t, y'all can't even cop it
Lyrics in every pocket, dropkick the logic
Even if you had a cherry, y'all couldn't top it
You makin' a mess of your sounds, I hit the floor and mop it
If you got everyone to hate, y'all couldn't stop this (Nope)
'Cause I'm Abstract, and I'm the one up in this b*t*h
Ain't stoppin' 'til this voice gets me super rich
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