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"Eye Candy"

[Verse 1]
She gotta go to work on Monday
Tryin' to lose weight, gotta watch them sundae’s
But the club's kinda hot on Sundays
And her outfit is ready for that Paris runway, but
She figures she can squeeze in, instead of just skipping
She feels like she gotta be leaving
She's too eager, she thinks she gon’ miss something
Two weeks ago, same routine, see somethin'?
Man, she's loving the spotlight, she a pretty girl too
Type of woman you can wife
Drink in her right hand, purse in her left
She walks in and automatically has the attention
First glance? Folks can't stand her
She got charisma, confidence, swagger
It don't matter, cause I got the same elements
But when I saw her, she just threw me out of my element, whoa
I observed for a minute, I set my sixth sense on sharp
Reading her body language
Cause I'm a sucker for a flat tummy, in low cut skinny jeans
That's money
Lil' dimples in her face
And she had what seemed like an invisible waist, hold up..

She’s shallow
Simplistic maybe
She’s hollow
Materialistic lady
She follows
Instead of being creative
Just gotta be patient
Eventually we'll outgrow the pavement
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