[Intro: Obie Trice]

[Chorus: Lyriq]
See everyday I live is a struggle (Struggle)
But it's okay, you taught me how to hustle (Oh yeah)
You taught me how to, you taught me how to get it
This concrete jungle make a n***a lose faith
Forgetting that I'm spinning in space
In space, in space, in space, oh

[Verse 1: Obie Trice]
They say he fell off his axis, and put me on the blacklist
Say I ain't half as passionate without Marshall Mathers

I actually rather be chasin' my own rations
Instead of gettin' fractions, pushin' someone else's establishment
Got a heavy track record accurate, never went backwards unless
Once or twice I made some wack sh*t
But that's it, facts spit, come back, and I'm that lit
With two fifths and black chick with two lips on my black d**k
Now everybody wanna adlib, congratulate my hustle
Got them stacks all in my duffle, I ain't braggin' about no couple
Baggin' up my bundle, I'm just calculatin' up double
Album out, matter of fact, go up-low, uh-oh
Nuts so, n***a's like, "Whassup O', where you've been?"
Studio, locked in, reinventin' who I've been
Bingin' off that liquor like I'm 22 once again
Face all in that porcelain, poisonin' my organins
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