Tried As An Adult
I was probably like 16
All one day I woke up juvenile hall, ate some nasty a** french toast hard on the edges and sh*t, no syrup
They took me to county for court, gave me a bologna sandwich and a sack lunch
They took me on that van ride over to the penitentiary for dinner

If they white boy do it they won't ever see it comin'
Worked a couple times back when I was a young'n
Send the white boy we can see if he a rider
He ain't got kids and no people to provide for
Where the opps at send him down with an uzi
Under 18 thinkin' he would go to juvie
Tried as an a****, so I dove into music
Before I went to jail no hoes with the movement

[Verse 1]
Came home wit all of my chains gone
Walk around with all my chains on
Homies told me stories bout the chain gang
I was up in Walla Walla playing every same song
Thinking bout b*t*hes made my days long
Went in bald, came out with the braids long
Ask for advice, I'ma recommend murder
It ain't hard to tell that I was raised wrong
Bought a new home, I ain't even tryna move in
Bricks in the wall, so we in need of home improvement
People want to use me, it's only right I use them
Let me in the door, so I let the Pyru's in
Came a long way from a intake bullpen
I ain't gonna listen to ya in case you bullsh*ttin'
And I ain't got time, I ain't got patience
Put you in your place, ex-inmates moved in

Pray for me cuz I need it
Basically I get weeded
Pouring up in my soda
Couple lines for each liter
Hoe was all with my movement
Till she saw that I'm ruthless
I came up with them killers b*t*h
And split everything with my roosters

Kids my age were getting licenses
I was getting settled where the lifers live
Had a problem with somebody twice as big as me
Caught him in the breezeway, knifed his ribs
Fighting but at least we know who fight this is
Writing it like I don't who life this is
Praying to above I make the right decision
Cuz I never had no one to call in crises
Blinded by that booty, almost wifed the b*t*h
It was only back a couple months ago
And now, I dont even know who f**king wife she is
But I owe that boy a drink, don't want to funk with bro
In my own skin I feel comfortable
Love my friends however dysfunctional we are
Fall off, I'ma come front some dope to you
F**k the work off I'ma punch you though
Every single day until I think you gon' pay
Think you won't pay bro, things will escalate
Snortin' coke off a key to an Escalade
Thinking bout big money two or three steps away, boi

Pray for me cuz I need it
Basically I get weeded
Pouring up in my soda
Couple lines for each liter
[Hook x2]