Can’t Fuck Wit Me
-=Game talking=-
Yo Wax
You ever woke up and wanted to kill a n***a for breakfast?
Here's some food for thought

Rollin' down the I-5
Turnin' the 40 ounce bottle upside down
Thinkin' of homicide why?
Cuz a n***a tried to take my life
Not once but twice
But I caught them bullets like Jerry Rice
I think about it all the time
When I kiss my son good night
When I'm playin' Madden
When I'm sendin' kites
To the penitentiary
Where my big homie who's locked down 18 hours a day
I'm on the freeway listenin' to Sade
Feelin' like I'm in a movie
Only car on the highway
It's just one of them days
Top down, sky grey
I hope I don't hafta kill a n***a today
I'm out for dead presidents to represent made
Don't leave the house unless I got the weapons on made
The one man NWA
And when I pull I always pop
That's why I'm livin' today

[Chorus] - 4X
Boy you can't f**k wit me [Wax, Wax]
Boy you can't f**k wit me

I speed across the Bay Bridge
Turnin' my Hennessey bottle right side up
Plottin' a homicide why?
Some sucka won't pay his debt
Thought I tore his head off but only grazed his neck
I think about it all the time
How did I miss?
After this I gotta doubt my 9
Steppin' back up to a 45 Range drop
Squallin' overhead it was a stormy sky
Another one of them days
Never would have been a problem had my runner been paid
A lil' late now
Your money's no good
I'm all in yo hood
Beef don't get you out the house I bet the ho could
Move quietly, creepin' on his a**
Got my pistol and in his speak on my behalf
Flea the scene in the CLK
Sincerely yours, the one man BOK
[Chorus] - 4X

-=A-Wax talking=-
Yo Game
Dog only owed me like dub right?
This the only way to get paper serious round here you know
F**k it

[Chorus] - 4X