N95 lyrics



[Verse 1]
Talking N95 with my n***a N95
People hide in their mask before they peak at what's inside
I've been swallowing pride, blame my hustle for that
Out here grazing the grass, roll something to help me relax
Stayed at home and started trippin' but the tree don't come with laces
Like an overbooked lawyer, we don't need no more cases
Tell 'em mask on, f**k it, mask off
Break the mold with every flow, gotta pull the wax off
Before they let me have a piece rather see us all starve
Used to hate the IRS, now we gotta tax y'all
Audio been dope, let me get these packs off
The mission never changed, break the bank and blast off

You can't run, ain't nowhere to hide
Where to go when there's nowhere to go

[Verse 2: Kr3wcial]
sh*t, if you would've told me I'd be masked up for groceries and gas ups
I'd probably tell you you was out your f**kin' mind
I did the math, it still don't add up, I tried decimals and fractions
Only got traction the day I got on my f**kin' grind
Better check the time, it's about T-minus 30 to Doomsday
My [?] f**k what [?] say
This that superhero, supervillain era on some crazy sh*t
Calling out your racist kin and cancelling your rapist friends
'Cause who the f**k gon' save us? Don't nobody say nothing
We blowing money we saved up 'cause living with the pain's tough
But a four hundred dollar zip of OG make me feel it ain't much
You're deep as pizza gate it reach places we can't touch
So f**k ICE, free the kids, protect the women, trans-lives matter
Long as your character correct, I got your back til the hereafter, for real
And f**k 12 til my functions fail
Klans mask turned badges and riot shields, what a time to kill

You can't run, ain't nowhere to hide
Where to go, there's nowhere to go

Where do we go?

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