Yung Ralph
You see, being inlightened is one of the best things you can do
The way they help you, is to doubt you
I thank god everyday for my haters
I'm thankfull for every time I was counted out and left for dead
I do this sh*t for the hating a** doubting motherf**kers
You see cause a real n***a finds a way to bounce back
And when we bounce back, we come harder than a motherf**ker
Gotta talk that sh*t to these pu**y a** n***as

Been through the struggle, kept my head up high
N***as turned they back, counted me out, didn't believe me at all
B*t*hes dissed me, walked pa**ed me, like they ain't see me at all
And now I count money in my living room, reheat it all
God keep talkin to me, the money coming in, and I can't ignore it
These thot b*t*hes keep tryna run game on me, but I just ignore it
Ball like I'm Kobe, baby
Ball like I'm Oakly, baby
Perfect shot like I'm Curry, I can't slip up, I'm in a hurry
I know some n***as wanna see me down, but I ain't down no more
Fetty come in, wonder why I ain't round that sh*t no more
Gotta get it, gotta stay focused
I know n***as ain't with you till you winnin'
Gotta hit hard, move silent
Stay with your n***as that been with you since the beginning
I don't see no yellow note on my door, and I don't know nothing about it
Lookin' in the mirror of a hotel, think I might just cop it
Dead broke, dead broke
Wonder what can I do?
Fell down on my knees, looked up, said "What can I do?"
Cause I know a man gon' feel me
They been down so many times
That's why I hustle 25, n***a always on the grind
No, no, I ain't stoppin'
Full throttle to the money
Still juggin' for the money
I Am Juugman 2 coming
That's a lot of new money
That's a lot of new hundreds
Them a lot of blue hundreds
These n***as ain't a hundred
I'ma keep it one hundred
I gotta roll up the weed
Real recognise real
And you ain't familiar to me
Got the beat here from Ricky Racks
No false here, these are all facts
Me and Thugger playin' with the bands
Me and Fetty ran up the racks
Face good, I be everywhere
Still makin' jugs off the pack
I be in places n***as scared to go
These n***as just sayin' that
I stayed down, I was patient
I had to blow up one day
Just tryna build my empire
Get my own label like Rozay
Still rappin' with Jose
Think I'm stoppin', no way
Big Rollie, the gold way
Diamonds in it, the throwaway
It's the Juugman, man