Yung Ralph
Incomplete Lyrics

Yeah (yeah)
You know the boy
It's the Juugman
Aye (aye)
GStar saucin' on my Balmains

I got my G star, saucin' on my Balmains (Balmains)
Ran my money up, now I can ball mane (ball mane)
Leather seats inside the coup, I'm talkin' Spalding (Spalding)
Tried to black ball me, but I'm back ballin' (ballin')

I can't waste my time beefin' with these small n***as (small n***as)
I'd rather take 20k, hit the mall, and ball n***a (ball n***a)
F**k stuntin', I'd rather look out for my dawgs n***a (my dawgs n***a)
Swear to God, I ain't nothin' like y'all n***as

[Verse 1]
I been in the game like: f**k the fame, I can never change
I'ma stay the same, like f**k a friend, I just want the chain
I'm just tryin' run my money up like I'm Floyd and nem
When it come to hater, pshhh, I try to avoid them
Red bottom kicks, I remember I couldn't afford them