Don’t Do the Crime
[Intro: Cavie Talking]
True crime in the streets of L.A
Active Vision, Bomb Squad makin' it
Whattup?, we're on the way

[Hook: KAM]
Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time
Stay, pushin' the line in the pen' all the time
Play, your game for keeps, not for fun
All alone with your peeps, so One-On-One
Cause I, don't do the crime, if I can't do the time
I stay, pushin' the line in the pen' all the time
I Play, the game for keeps, not for fun
All alone with my peeps, so One-On-One

[Verse 1: KAM]
This is the game where everybody in traffic hates you
So it's rated M, due to the graphic nature
State your nickname, hood game, rank your business
Before we move, your body's stinkin, you can't get a witness
So who they take that business, it's pa**in' at the door
If your name is on my shootlist, then you got to go
Cross my path, you gonn kick a bloodbath in the mud
Now, I slug half for your mug, that truck spits hub caps
Wild shots and beach heat
Hot rocks on every block, cold killers on each street
Danger on every corner, sc*m at every turn
Some pressure is heavy on you, you put some, just never learnt
What the S.C. mean, so it's best that I warn you
The South Centrol, straight Compton, is other Kila-fornia
Survival Cla**, I thought you knew it
Crime is the order of the day and we stay true to it

[Hook: KAM]

[Verse 2: Cavie]
Yeah, it's the true crime, in the streets of L.A. (*Helicopter Propeller Turning*)
I got my twin .45, (*Gun C*cked*) c*cked, ready for gun play
Catch me downtown, bustin' off rounds
Layin' suckers down, this is how I get down
Face down on the hot hood, cops are no good (*Sample of Police Sirens*)
Catch me runnin' from the police on my way back to the hood
Snatchin' suckers out their hatchbags, peelin' caps back
Like.. Bang Bang (*2 Gun Shots*)
Shake their knee Kanes
Smashin' through the city in car, burnin' rubber like..
UAAAHHHHH (*Tyres screeching on the Asphalt*)
Bustin' the automatic, in traffic I'm causin' havic
It's madness but I'm still cla**ic
Cause it's crime in the City, damn, and this game is so cold
Dealin' with the gangs and the law
You can knock through your ball, if you run up tryin' to bold
S.C. - Survival Cla**, I thought you knew it
Cause crime is the order of the day, and we stay true to it
[Hook: KAM]

[Verse 3: Cold 187Um]
Yo, I said don't do the crime, if you can't do the time
If you ain't down for the gun play, stay the f**k out the way
I'm a true rider, from the streets of L.A
Doin' licks, gettin' chips, ev'ry mothaf**kin' day
In the Rag-Six-Tre, hittin' back the streets in sought
I want to show you b*t*h a** police that I can't be caught
Lead you the crossed up to stuck, and left without a clue
This is an everyday thing that a G like me go true

[Verse 4: KM.G]
Drinkin' and drivin' in a mission through the Eastside
Sip a bear, smokin' good in a G-Ride
See, I'm always in the mix, gat ready for a twist
I got a gang of CDs, y'all n***as ain't servin' sh*t
I can hit you with the .40 Glock
Unload the Desert Eagle, and through the block
See, the baddest n***a, you ever saw
Yeah, this n***a's game be Above the Law

[Hook: KAM]

Yeah, true crime in the streets of L.A
Ha, what you know about that?
Ha, runnin' from Knee Kane, you know what I'm sayin?
Bend the corners on through the westside, Dun
You know what I'm sayin?
The Survive squad, Fort Knocks
What's up Kris?
Ha, yeah, what up Cleareyed?
Yeah, ha ha, yeah
[Cold 187Um]
True crime, in the streets, in the streets

Of L.A
Aiy, I'll see you, n***a
I'll see you out there, n***a
Uh, but you can't get me
Ugh, cause I'm out, cause I'm out (*Echoes*)