BP Oil Spill lyrics


BP oil spillin'
BP oil uh uh
BP oil uh uh
BP oil uh uh
BP oil uh uh
BP oil

Jumpin' the gun
Wavin' the tooley
n***a need axe to cover the stench
I'm slidin' in
Let's get it crackin'
I bought my lil shawty a whip
I'm on forty-fifth and I hope they don't catch ya boy ridin' in a rental
Is that yo' swag? n***a my blueprint sittin' right there on the printer
We found all the petro
Put the price on arrows
I take flight like aero
I don't whip Camaros
I just whip that foreign sh*t thay P.J. took a barrel
Rollin' it
The bonus is commission at Valero
I got the nina
That sh*t is singing
You might've seen me, but that is seasonal
You try to beef with me, I put the beef on hold
Yo' talk is cheap, pew pew and that's the change you hold
It's time to let you go-o-o woah

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