Alright, I got it

Buying that b*t*h diamond ankles
She lookin good every angle
Smoking exotic with candles
In bed with her she an animal

Buying that b*t*h diamond ankles
Buying that b*t*h diamond ankles
Buying that b*t*h diamond ankles
Buying that b*t*h diamond ankles

Hook (JP)

Got i’m my ears, a big diamond ornament
I’m on a jet, i’m flying to Oregon
She got deported cuz she was a foreigner
Your homie shot, we might need the coroner

She and I wrestle like Ultimate Warrior
Choking her neck, she screaming she wanting more
I hear the tires when i got my open doors
Wearing a rubber when i’m going in trojan horse

Don’t need a fake, i pay for the liquor store
I'm making bombs of money like world war
Smoking this magic i'm feeling like Dumbledore
Get me a check, i’ll pay for the yellow Porsche

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