I’m so high I can’t feel my face
Counting up money get out the way
All I want is the check
Blue diamonds round my neck
Blue Hunndreds can’t even stress
New money had to stop stressing
My shorty calling she be extra
Been high sippin smoking extra
I’m so high I like shrooms
Look at the wall everything moving
Took a tab then regret it
Woke up roll up almost twice
Smoke so much almost lost my own life
Had to think I was just high
High as a kite
I can’t feel my face
Rolling all day
Forgot to rolling treys

Lit everyday
I’m so high I can’t feel my face
I’m so high in this place
Where the thc at
Where the bad b*t*hes at
I need the weed to relax
Touchdown it’s that pack
Might smoke another pack
Yeah I smack backwoods to the face
No you not touching it
Edibles I eat only fresh out the oven then
I Sit back
I relax
Enjoy oven cookie pack
All my blunts be fat
Match the 3 match the 5 match the dub
Rolling weed outside the club
Rolling is the sh*t I love
Smoke so much I smoke so much
Rolling gave me sticky thumbs
Smoking I don’t give two fuvks
You wanna link can’t smoke for free
Pay me buy some dutches too
Hotbox in my car it’s kinda full so let me make some room
Pull up to the spot
Make sure u got that spark
Bring some water too
Make sure you eat because you’ll get the munchies too
Don’t roll the windows down please don’t break the box
Can’t handle your weight don’t step up in my car
Please don’t break this box
Please don’t break this box
Please don’t break this box

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