W0w lyrics


Women see me like wow
Phone calling I’m like wow wow
Who calling I'm like wow wow
So Who coming I’m like wow wow
So We bumping that wow wow wow
Can’t get the message huh
Don’t you see I don’t want your message huh
Blow up my phone can you stop texting huh
Still texting huh
Got 2 phones I can only use 1
Cellular off quit calling my phone
Blocked the whole number
Unknown keep on ringing
I know that is you And I know I’m not tweaking
n***a are you stalking
So why you keep calling
Wow wow just wow
Wow wow wow wow wow
Don’t hit my phone
n***a don’t text me
She hitting my line pull up the first message
I ain't the only one yo ex steady calling
Stalking my page had to block em on Twitter
Call me right back
I’m gon cop the liquor
Breaking her back had to spend the whole night
Hitting it good yeah she feeling the pipe
Loving DDot only come out at night
She want me today I don’t know what to say
b*t*hes be funny got no place to stay
So how imma pull up
My Phone buzzing shut up
My text ain’t deliver
I’m not dad so I might will f**k with ya
Looking to sad so what’s wrong with ya
She only want me to comfort her
Had me thinking
Wow wow wow
Just wow wow
Wow wow wow just wow wow wow wow
Yes I got your message
Don’t pull up just text me
If you outside let me know
Come slide In bring the hoes
Need 5 calls on disturb
I be calling you but you on disturb
Keep calling my phone I’ll pick up first
Shorty blocked my whole now you on the curb
Should of fuvked with this n***a now I’m on a call
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

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