f**k I cuss to much
this isn't pg-13 to give u a warning
f**k b*t*h Boring
Sleep Snoring
Comfy living room
Comfy Bed
She give me head, cause I demand her
you cant leave I'm the demander
don't jump out the window I will grab snatch you like you're jason
b*t*h base you up like a turkey baster
and mace ya
no condensation
just masturbation
on your f**king lip
suck my f**king kids off your f**king lips
you dirty sl*t
i know you like it rough
don't f**king fall in love, whore
I'm not f**king bored
keep f**king sucking
i didn't tell you to use your hands
let me tie them up and f**k you on the bed
if you say no I'm glad, I'm just kidding though
or not
but if she freaky though you already know how we going so, I'm not finna say no to a opportunity missed
take the pu**y grab it out thе motherf**king pu**y hole
grab another kid just in casе i nut in her
i don't want another brother or a me
but ME is ME
i hate the wii, but i played it
i love bowling, i don't play it
i love playing pool, i slay it
don't bet against me in poker somebody know it
n***a I'm coming out, for round 2
if i hear you in the wall
is bout to drop his f**king drawls

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