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Tsu Surf

"Killing Me"

It's like none of this Gucci or Fendi sh*t don’t help nothin'

[Verse 1]
I fell in love with how them b*tches act
They give you the pus*y, make sure you give it back
Mama said they ever cross them lines just remember that
Hoes make your di*k hard, but home be where the dinner at
Fell in love with lyftin' b*tches here, f*ck and send ’em back
Fell in love with gangbangs, homicides and shootouts
Fell in love with I won't say her name, and then we grew out
Hate I got so much hate to retaliate, won't cool out
Hate I ain't at the gate for my daughter when her school out
Fell in love with the mission
Fell in love with the squad
Scared to catch another case, f*ck around and almost died
Who said life short? Motherf*cker never lied
Fell in love with the sound of that 9 when we slide
I fell in love with the hate—how that even work?
Fell in love with both, I'm just waitin' to see who leave me first
We at work, get him if you see him first
Mama did doubles tryna meet the first
Itchin' to let this heater work
Slide a couple bands if you need a verse
I ain't tryin’ to see a church
Everybody last ride be a hearse
They overdosin’ 'cause they need Percs
It’s about who standin' last, ain't about who bleed first

I know that sh*t be killin' you
(Gotta be killin’ you)
That sh*t be killin' me too
(That sh*t f*ck with me sometimes)
You just gotta eat though

[Verse 2]
He want Margielas but his baby need Huggies
I know she want Chanel, b*tch lyin' like she love me
They wanna cut me, the prosecutor tryna judge me
They can't feel me so they try and touch me
That b*tch bad but that b*tch fussy
Extra loud, top speechless
She do weaves and she pop pieces
These Gucci boots, these are not sneakers
These n*ggas tellin', shirts got speakers
Nobody speakin' if the cops breach us
That's protocol, man that sh*t be foreign to most of y'all
Hood over my shoulders like overalls
Make a couple bands then blow it all
Just tryna get my mother the dopest yard
Somewhere it don't snow at all and show it off
You don't know your employer and wanna see a lawyer
If she don't know if you ate today then she ain't for you
And if I ever say I love you then that mean I love you
I said I ever said I love you then that mean I love you
He out cheatin' while his girl sinnin'
Somebody caged while this world spinnin'
A baby died, her whole world endin'
You get your nuts 'fore them squirrels get 'em
Either the grave or the jails get him

As long as you want it for yourself
(You gotta want it for yourself)
Ain't nobody gotta want it for you
(Ain't nobody gotta want sh*t for you)

[Verse 3]
Champagne dreams, Lamborghini hopes
Go and get it or somebody gonna get it if you don't
n*ggas pushin' when you won't, plug talk gettin' dope
They hangin' us with fashion, these bust-down ropes
Coppers know your name so they sweat y'all
That n*gga changed, left y'all
Miss another Christmas in that mess hall
Don't know if I'm comfortable with this vest off
Catch him out of bounds it's all bets off
Less n*ggas talk then the less fall
Head from a baddie, n*gga gettin' that
Priorities I'm fixin' that
Grandma hit my phone, still ain't hit her back
n*gga trippin'
Knowin' damn well she pray for me more than these b*tches
T-shirt memories, memorial pictures

sh*t be killin' me, killin' me, killin' me
sh*t be killin' me, killin' me, killin' me
sh*t be killin' me, killin' me, killin' me, killin' me

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