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Tsu Surf

"7-25 Interlude"

[Verse 1]
They gon' love you or gon' hate you
Whether you saint or you sinnin'
Shells ringin', goddamn this how the stories be endin'
Animals in your head, you be tryin' not to feed 'em
Never forgot the gun, sh*t I be tryin' not to need it
If this is what it gotta be, hope they say I'm legendary
Don't regret the missions though, those sh*ts was necessary
Grandma said it's a blessing that I'm alive
I said Grandma wish my shooter woulda looked me in my eyes
Words she'll never get, newer guns, better grips
Thinkin' 'bout Alana—how the f*ck I'm supposed to tell her this?
My cousin overheard me talkin' 'bout the slaughter
Said "What you tryin' be Cuz: a killer or a father?"
Smart young n*gga, he in college
sh*t I done been both if we bein' honest
Couple b*tches changed up, couple n*ggas lied
Careful what you put in work for, everybody won't ride
One time for them n*ggas that'll never change
Forever gang, never said a name and'll let it bang
Ten toes down 'til the cheddar came, wish it never rain
sh*t my body feel funny when the weather change
Plenty cases still open
My heart too froze, think it can't be broken
n*ggas die everyday and n*ggas still jokin'
n*ggas die everyday and n*ggas still jokin'
That's crazy

[Verse 2]
Wrong side of that trigger, I seen the other side
Make a n*gga go crazy hard as my mother cried
She make me wanna say f*ck it mama I wanna ride
'Cause where I'm from it ain't no tuckin', we don't run and hide
Only family and money, don't try and play or push me
n*ggas don't really know Karma, I really ate her pus*y
Caught five and survived, you need eight to push me
Boy I could play a lot of games
I'm never playin' pus*y, never playin' pus*y
Somethin' to say? Then n*gga say it then
Goin' play the game? Then you should play to win
Lurkin' on them blocks tryin' play again
Nightmares dreamin' 'bout that day again
Crazy how I'm layin' in that same bed Grey was in
But it's wild how them roles'll switch
He out lurkin' tryin' pole some sh*t
I'm in the crib cleanin' holes and sh*t
Wrist broken tryin' close the clip
Connect finally tryin' load a brick
You only live once, do not forget it
God forgives, I don't, you are not forgiven
Had a gun as a bride before a pot to p*ss in
I look Death in the face like "What's poppin' with it?"

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