Tsu Surf

"Feel It in the Air"

[Intro: LiL DEV & [i]Tsu Surf[/i]]
All these n***as changin' I can feel it
Cleanin' every bullet while I feel it
Don't do it for the fame, it's the feelin'
This rainstorm got me in my feelins'
[i]There's rain the air
We don't talk 'cause there's strangers in there
Gun smoke, cocaine in the air, it's dangerous in there
Know this because it's [?], I'm just hopin' that this pain disappear[/i]

[Verse 1: LiL DEV & [i]Tsu Surf[/i]]
sh*t, I feel like the reaper been callin' us
sh*t, I feel like these 30's ain't long enough
We hang that crate up on that pole, [?]
I pick the rock over the rock, I wasn't tall enough
[i]I seen fiends on the corner laid balled up
I seen a n***a serve a [?] to the wrong truck
I seen n***as turn b*t*h, the ones they called thugs
And they turned his whole act to a coffee mug,[/i]
Them earlier mornins', back blocks [?]
His momma screamin' as the coroner pickin' him up
I'm feelin' numb, I'm feelin' numb, I need to twist a blunt
Trap season, same clothes I ain't seen my b*t*h in months
[i]I was 16 when I grabbed my first pump
Felt like Vince Carter when he slammed his first dunk
Pork n' beans and hotdogs was the worst lunch
My cousin caught a body, lost trial was the worst luck,[/i]
Trap spot, ([i][?][/i]), more pain, ([i]I'm man though[/i])
More clips, ([i]Ammo[/i]), more clips, ([i]Damn bro[/i])
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