Carl Thomas
She Is

[Verse #1]
Like my favorite scene
In the best movie
Like the air that I breathe
That's what she is to me
Like a song I just wrote
Or like coming home
When I've been gone too long
That's what she does for me

[Bridge #1]
{Ooh...} I wanna always have this feeling
{Ooh...} Ooh, your love is so amazing
{Ooh...} Tell me, tell me, tell me, baby
{Tell me that you'll never go, no} Oh...oh..

She's a light, someone free
Everything that means anything to me
That's what she is
And she's so heavenly
Just how the world looks to someone who's never seen it
That's what she is

[Verse #2]
Like a lover's hug when you first fall in love
Girl it means so much when your out of touch
It's like seeing you for a moment or two
Girl the thought of you is what gets me through

[Bridge #2]
{Ooh...} I wanna always have this feeling
{Ooh...} Ooh, your love is so amazing
{Ooh...} Tell me, tell me, tell me, girl
{Tell me that you'll never go, no} Whoa..
[Repeat Chorus]

I don't think that words can describe
Exactly how you make me feel inside
Never in my life have I been so in love

[P. Diddy]
James, talk to 'em

[LL Cool J Verse]
Slid up in the AMG, satelite radio, you next to me
Legs like Nestle, they constantly test me
I'm clear that the rest be trying to out finesse me
But love is real, I can tell how it feel
Say what you want, but keep your lips sealed
You could run your mouth, talk extra slick and
Strip in front of the plasma, yes it's sick'nin
Uh, belly dance for your man
Make eye contact, make a player react
In fact, crawl on the bed while ya mans laid back
Run your pedicure across my six pack
Hold my dice, baby roll for ice
You free to move around I won't control your life
I'll just keep you heated, treat you how you wanna be treated
You got an appet**e for love, I'll feed it
[Repeat Chorus 2x]

[Carl Thomas] So good..
[P. Diddy] Bad Boy baby
[Carl Thomas] So good..
[P. Diddy] LL, CT, Carl Thomas