Ky-Mani Marley
We Are
[Verse 1:]
When you can’t go further
When the sky screams murder
Bloodshot up in your eyes
The fire gon’ burn ya
How can I combat the demons?
How can I contact my enchants
Your soul’s in the one I can trust
So must come back to the one I believe in
How can I contact my feelings?
This toxic world that needs healing
Scream to my heart bleeds freedom
Dance upon the ceiling
Now I got that feeling

We are the voice of love
We are the voice of hope
Yes we are, what we are yeah
We are the voice of peace
Seh we are the lords of war
Yes we are who we are yeah

[Verse 2:]
I see the creatures in the night again
Cyah believe mi eyes
I see pharisees and scribes again
Dem try out wi light again
Disturb wi meddi
What a pity wi fe fight again
Between a bullet and a target
I see de media pon mountain
A dat dem a market
Thousand miles fe guh hawk it
With perseverance wi a march
An’ wi nuh only a talk it
Wi righteous wi neva wrong
Wi trod wid e faada
Don’t yuh tink seh wi a trod alone
Certain tings they’ve neva known
An put dem faith inna copper an gold

[Verse 3:]
I use prayer to soothe the soul
And herbs to soothe my mind
Trying not to lose control
While giving thanks for life
And many people will change
But we will remain
Soldiers of righteousness
Ready to walk through the flame

[Chorus] [x3]