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Philthy Rich

"No Cap"

Ooh, RJ
RJ always trippin', man, RJ always trippin'
It's Philthy, n*gga
Fake Love
You know that sh*t contageous, right?

Saucy way before I met Walka
Had a money bag way before Yo (I swear to God)
Rolexes for the whole team
I done bought five, I need four more (I need that)
Drippin' on 'em way before Gunna
Bad b*tch on a 4Runner (Bad b*tch)
If the card don't slide, b*tch
Then punch in the last four numbers (Phil!)
Pockets full of that cash money
I done spent my last money (Oh, I remember)
Tryna cop me a bird, mayne
Way before I met Bird, mayne (Rich gang)
Had a mill' before I met Meek
In Miami ridin' jetskis (305)
Broke b*tch my pet peeve
Seminary, where you can catch me (It's Phil!)
On a paper route before I met Dolph
A hundred thou' on my neck, soft (Chump change)
Diamonds on me lookin' rinsed off
With some real crips on Crenshaw (Thug, what up)
Had a four 'ac in my Jones, n*gga
Thirty off in my chrome, n*gga (Thirty on 'em)
Thirty thou' on me long, n*gga
You can go and ask Jim Jones, n*gga (It's Phil!)
Young fly n*gga, just like Lucci
I done bought everything up outta Gucci (Designer)
Badass just like Boosie
And I caught a body way before Gucci (Is that right?)
In the Maybach like Ross, n*gga (Maybach Music)
You ain't took a loss, you ain't a boss, n*gga (Uh-uh)
Play with me and get offed, n*gga
I'll drop a bag, what it cost, n*gga? (It's Phil!)
Sippin' mo' red than Trippie, n*gga
My mama used to cook Jiffy, n*gga (Serious)
My ex-b*tch really miss me, n*gga
f*ck every n*gga ever dissed me, n*gga (pus*y)
Uzi on me, no Lil Vert
Bad b*tch in a lil skirt (b*tch)
My trap phone, it still work
My Nextel, it still chirp (It's Phil!)
MAC on me, rest in peace, Miller
They callin' me the new P. Miller (Master P)
I can't decide on a Bentley truck
I been back and forth at the Bentley dealer (Vroom)
Hood rich like Pablo
My plug pull up in a Tahoe (It do)
My side b*tch live in Tahoe
Her favorite rapper is Ralo (Ay, free Ralo)
You don't want no trouble, n*gga
Lotta duct tape, lotta GSR
You'll get your whole hood whacked
For a P of cookies and a ki of tar (They do that)
From the east side like Jody, n*gga
I f*ck with Curry, no Kobe, n*gga (Uh uh)
n*ggas hatin' on me, forty, n*gga
Pointers in the chain, forty, n*gga (It's Phil!)
A lot of free bands like Future, n*gga
Triple cross like Scooter, n*gga (Ay, double back)
Pay attention how I manuver, n*gga
I'm the driver and the shooter, n*gga (I am)
Savage way before twenty-one
I was taught by the OGs young (Loaded, mayne)
If the law grab you, don't leak none
If he run his mouth then he done (It's Phil!)
Rest in peace to real G money
You ain't never seen ki money (Never)
You was never in the streets bummy
You ain't never went to sleep hungry (Never)
It's a five-nine, not a six-nine
VVSs all spit-shined (Bust down)
Never hit the yard when you did time
You was on the phone with the b*tch cryin' (It's Phil!)
Section eight like V-L
Can't get rid of this weed smell (Kilo zone)
New foreign need a detail
Lost thirty thousand on the retail (Broke n*gga)
Four Gs offset, watch the curb
Been a G way before Herb (Is that right?)
Plug dropped off four birds
And he ain't even said four words
Gucci link chain way before pump (Is that right?)
Presidential way before Trump (Bust down)
These Gucci socks cost four bucks (Chump change)
Bad boy way before Puff
It's Philthy

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