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"The Rainbow Willow"

I dreamt a dream the other night
All in my arms, I had her
But when I awoke it was a joke
I was forced to lie without her

Her yellow hair like streams of gold
Was lyin' on the pillow
She's the prettiest thing
I love her so well
They call her the Rainbow Willow

So I followed her home to her uncle's hearth
Inquiring of such a fair one
And they answered, "Sir, well, there's no such here
And why do you, why do you inquire about her?

But when she heard her true love's voice
She hastened to the window
Saying "I freely would come now to you love
But the locks and the bolts do hinder."

As I stood there all in amaze
All in these pains and humors
My patience blew, my sword I drew
And quickly I fled to her
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