The Ash Grove lyrics


[Verse 1]
The ash grove how graceful, how plainly 'tis speaking
The harp through its playing has language for me
Whenever the light through its branches is breaking
A host of kind faces is gazing on me
The friends from my childhood again are before me
Each step wakes a memory as freely I roam
With soft whispers laden the leaves rustle o'er me
The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home

[Verse 2]
Down yonder green meadow where strеamlets meander
Whеn twilight is fading I pensively rove
Or in the bright noon tide in solitude wander
Amid the dark spaces of that lonely ash grove
'Twas there while the black bird was cheerfully singing
I first met my dear one the joy of my heart
Around us for gladness the blue bells were springing
The ash grove, the ash grove that sheltered my home

[Verse 3]
My lips smile no more, my heart loses its lightness
No dream of the future my spirit can cheer
I only can brood on the past and its brightness
The dear ones I long for again gather here
From ev'ry dark nook they press forward to meet me
I lift up my eyes to the broad leafy dome
And others are there, looking downward to greet me
The ash grove, the ash grove, again is my home

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