Pure Water


[Intro: Quavo & YG]
Y'all already know who I am? Right?
Mustard on the beat, ho
Let's go

[Chorus: Quavo]
Uh (Woo, woo), no Master P (Ayy)
Ten bad b*t*hes and they after me (Bad)
One bad b*t*h look like a masterpiece (Uh)
Lookin' for a dunk, like a athlete (Uh)
Big drip, what you call it? (Big drip, yeah)
Ice chain, pure water (Ice, ice, ice)
You got the cash, but can't afford it (Cash, no)
You got the bag, but can't afford it (Give me the bag)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Give me the beat, I ride it like a jetski (Hey)
So many bad b*t*hes they harassin' me (Bad)
They like me 'cause I rap and be with the athletes (Athletes)
Stop askin' me (Uh), I know they mad at me (Nah)
Hop in the coupe, then I slide like it's Vaseline (Skrrt, skrrt)
West coast 6-4 jump like a trampoline (6-4)
Take a brick out, put it on a triple beam (Brick out)
I'm not from Canada, but I see a lot of tings (Canada)
Dismantle her, I know how to handle her (Woo, hey)
Light the candle up, make you put a banner up (Up, up)
Toss a 50 up, make 'em tear the club up (Tear the club up)
Took your b*t*h out the game, I had to sub her (Swap, swap, here we go)

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