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"Ups and Downs*"

Lyrics from Snippet

(Mustard on the beat, ho)

I'm the enimigo and I know it now
Even when I'm not around, you 'posed to hold it down
I tried to leave you in the past when I was touchin' down
f**kin' 'round, baby, I ain't worried' bout no upside-downs
Armageddon in the sky, I'm seein' purple clouds
I'm from a different planet, but I'll be on the earth a while
Feelin' pain, feelings change, but I'ma work it out
Blow a brain and I'm insane, this the murder house
Where the loyalty? Where the love go?
I only trust my F&N and my snubnosed
I only trust my secrets with the above folks
And I let unknowns be unknown
Politicin' with the other side, the sh*t that I don't condone
Type of sh*t, I gotta let it go
Keep a .45 and a four Glock...
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